Fairy Dust

For school today, we took the kids to see the play Peter Pan. When we signed up for it, we did not realize it was a musical, so we were a little disappointed.  But, it was still fun to watch.

Adrian enjoys the story of Peter Pan and thought the musical was good.  He was not impressed with the pirates, but loved the crocodile.  Megan curled up on my lap and sat mostly still through the whole play.  The other kids were glad we went too.

This afternoon, Adrian noticed that some of my pictures had unfocused dots (bokeh)  in the background.  He asked if I could please get a picture of him with the “fairy dust”.  Maybe tonight, he will fly to visit with Peter Pan!

2 thoughts on “Fairy Dust”

  1. Very cute picture! Nothing disappointing about musicals! We love them! *wink*

  2. Seems I remember almost the same thing happening when Ma and I took you to see Peter Pan in Detroit, back in 19something. Went with the Cub Scouts. Lauri was the sit on lap one. I still never want to grow up and your kids all know that……….

    The Papa

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