Thanksgiving Praise–God’s Protection

I am so thankful for God’s protection for two of my friend’s families this weekend.

The Woods were driving home when a deer ran in front of them. The car spun 180 degrees and the deer hit the passenger side mirror.  They landed in a ditch across the road. Because they landed in a not to steep section of the ditch, they were able to drive out, snap the mirror into place and go home.  The deer ran away, leaving a little fur and skin.

Another friend’s son Thomas, got sick and started acting strange.  After a visit to the hospital, he was sent home.  He slept most of yesterday and today is feeling much better.

Thank you God for taking care of us all the time!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Praise–God’s Protection”

  1. Thank you for sharing that! I feel so thankful for God’s protection! And it was even more special that He even made sure the car was okay too :).

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