Thanksgiving Praise–Laughter

While there are many things that make Allan wonderful, one thing I really appreciate is his ability to do crazy things that make me laugh.

We helped rake leaves at church.  There were millions of them!  Mark  mentioned that it would be easier to count the sand on the beach, than the leaves at church 🙂 I am sure that was only a slight exaggeration!

After the leaves were put on tarps, they were drug over to a huge pit.  We had to wade through leaves in order to pile more on top.  It was fun and challenging.  After dumping our first load of leaves, Allan took my hand and as he helped me over the leaves, said to be careful and then he bumped me.  We ended up in a huge pile of leaves with someone’s kids (they sounded vaguely like some boys that I know) throwing leaves over us.

Andrea “just happened” to be there with the camera, and managed to capture a fun memory for us.

To give you an idea of how many leaves there were, Mark dug a hole that did not quite reach the bottom.  He was standing straight up in these leaves.  More leaves followed later in the day!


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  1. You should frame that picture of you two! That is such a great picture!

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