Thanksgiving Praise–Learning Wherever

I am so thankful that the children can stay home and learn with me.  We do not have to sit behind desks. We can learn without books.  We often learn by doing.

Today we had school in the car.  Mark took a science test and everyone did some math.  Then Mark read out loud so everyone could enjoy the story they are reading.

Then we went exploring. We visited Yoder’s Popcorn (in Topeka) and tasted some really good popcorn. We experimented with the different toppings they had in stock.  Then we went to E&S Sales (Shipshewana), tasted a few things and bought a few needs.  We dreamed about seeing our friend’s car in their Grandma’s driveway so we could stop by and surprise them 🙂 on the way to our break at Krider’s World Fair Gardens (Bristol).  We finally came home and enjoyed relaxing from our very fun school day.

Thank you God that I have the privilege to learn along with my children. Thank you that we can learn in so many different places!