Mark.bwMark and I had a “date” while the other kids had Science Sleuths at Oxbow today.  Megan was with us being “princess” but she had to follow us around and do what Mark wanted to do.  Mark is the prince, and princesses follow their princes around :).  She did a good job most of the time.

Mark discovered a new path. He wanted to go by the water, and he found some steps that I have never been down.  We found some neat places to explore and Mark found what we think are snow fleas.  He also found the bones of a buck in the water!  Very neat, but sort of gross too.

While he played, I took pictures of him and Megan. I have more nice ones of him, but I think this is my favorite.

One thought on “Mark”

  1. The bones reminded me of an old western poem. The cowboy is looking for a missing cow when he comes to a nice stream and since he is thirsty he drinks from the stream. He gets back on his horse and rides up stream to a grove of trees and there in the water is the carcus of the old cow, he describes the drainage coming from the various orifices of the cow. The poem ends “the moral of this story is if you drink from a nice cool stream with cool sweet water, don’t ride up stream”.

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