Skipping School


Yesterday, I skipped school! I told the kids and Allan what needed to get done, and I left the house.  I spend the next few hours enjoying a different morning.

Jared and RachealOur pastor and his wife areexcitedly waiting to meet their first grandchild. Kay likes some of the pictures I have taken and asked if I would take some pictures of their daughter in law, Rachael. I went to their house yesterday and learned some new things.

Rachael SittingRachael had seen a picture that she really wanted, so we took a lot of that pose. I wanted to get it just right. Kay helped a lot by noticing things I did not see.  I still struggle seeing details through the camera. But those little things do make a big difference.

I enjoyed my morning out.  I was able to play with my camera and practice what I have been learning.  Reading is good, but doing is so much better Laughingwhen you are trying to improve. I had fun being able to try something totally new.  Plus, it was a short break from my daily routine, so I had a mini holiday 🙂


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