Sledding Survey

Just for fun, I started playing around with this picture.  I am not sure which one is the most appealing, so I was wondering what other thoughts were.  You can see larger pictures in a slide show by clicking on any of the pictures.

Then, would you  please comment on your favorite picture and why?

Thanks a lot!

8 thoughts on “Sledding Survey”

  1. Full color or sepia in second place. Detail is there that isn’t really in the other two. The pencil sketch would be nice as a cross stitch design. The truth of the matter is that it is very hard to really pick one over the other, they all have their good points. I never have a problem with the subjects in the pictures of the kids

  2. I think I am a traditionalist and like the full color one best. However I also like the lightened picture. I agree with your mom in that it also depends on what its use will be.

  3. I like the sepia one. Not sure what the image piece to the left of the girls is.

  4. Thomas Mitchell says: The lightened color looks best. (I didn’t know what my mother and sister already voted for.)

  5. Sarah and I both like the lightened color picture the best: the color adds to the mystique of the picture and gives it an unusual aura, like you have captured a special moment in time. All the pictures are very nice!

  6. Pencil sketch then the sepia, the sepia gives you the feeling that its cold and cloudy and the pencil sketch is crisp to look at…cute:)

  7. I think it kind of depends on what you want to use it for, but personally, I like the full color and the sepia the best. Such cute subjects, they are all nice.

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