Thief checkingIt was not raining as much as yesterday, but still chilly and damp.  I sent a few of the kids outside to do a quick errand for me just before lunch.  I thought that Megan was inside with Mark.

I soon realized that Megan was outside.  She had put on her boots and was standing by our huge Maple Tree in the backyard. When I went to get her because she was not wearing a coat,  I realized that she had discovered how to remove the hose we use to collect sap, and was drinking the sap from it.Sap thief

I found shoes and my camera to catch her in the act. She would check how much sap was in the bucket, and then drink the sap giggling every so often.  She only stopped because she was shivering. She knew how to put the hose back into the bucket, though she had a little trouble putting the tinfoil cover over that.  I think she discovered something she really likes.

We won’t collect much more sap this week.Thief caught  After dropping 30 degrees today, the temperature won’t be good for collecting sap again until late next week. We collected 5 gallons of sap so far, so we are off to a good start.