First bowling shoesOn Tuesday, we were invited out by our pastor and his wife.  They treated us to bowling, black light golf and go carting plus pizza and pop.

Megan had never gone bowling before, so we tried to get some pictures of her in her first pair of bowling shoes and her first game (she and I were a team).  I was so disappointed to get home and discover that my small, travel camera malfunctioned and all the pictures were blurry. I cleaned up one or two, but the special ones I really wanted–like with Pastor and Miss Kay–did not work at all.

But our evening was extremely fun.  Watching Adrian cover his head after throwing the ball, seeing the wild and crazy throws of Audrey, seeing Mark figure out how the ball should be thrown and improving immensely, watching Megan’s excitement to see the ball roll down the ramp, screeching and giggling with Andrea as we learned how to drive a go cart, listening to the yells and laughter as we got to know our pastor and Miss Kay even better–are all special memories.



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