Playing with Daddy

Every year, the kids and I experiment with different bubble solutions to find ones that we really like.  Store bought bubbles are good, but home made are more fun.

Before bed, the kids invited Allan to see their bubbles. They had practiced blowing large ones earlier and wanted to show Daddy.  He joined in the fun and blew some for the kids to chase.

We will experiment some more this year. We have lots of ideas we want to try!

We used our normal bubble mix. Mix 1 part Dawn or Joy dish soap (classic is better than Ultra, but both work) with 3 parts soft or distilled water.  Start with a few drops of glycerin, but experiment with how much is needed to get longer lasting bubbles. Let the mix sit a few hours before using. Keep the solution in a tightly covered container so the mix does not dry out. We are looking for a replacement for glycerin, it is slightly expensive, but helps to make wonderful bubbles.

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