Mark smileMark is going to be a Freshman this year.  We are looking forward to starting high school, but we are also a little apprehensive about it. There is so much he needs to learn!

But he is excited that we are turning the focus more. We have been praying about what God has planned for Mark and will start moving toward that goal.

As we watch Mark turn into a man, we will give him time to practice skills men need to be providers. With Daddy’s help, he built  raised gardens, but he filled and maintained the gardens mostly by himself this summer. He has outdoor chores that he loves doing. He has told me often he would rather be outside moving wood then working inside.

Mark will also have time to explore his different interests.  We know that making time for hobbies is a good way to relax!Mark Hands

I look forward to seeing Mark’s growth this year. I see him “sprouting his wings” and, while he is not ready to “fly” yet, he is getting close.