McGuire Family Reunion

FamilyThe main reason we went to Colorado this year was for a McGuire family reunion.  The last time we had a family reunion was when Audrey was one month old!

We met at a small camp that Allan’s parent’s families helped to build in the late 50’s.  We had fun learning a little of the history of the camp and also some neat family stories.

I was asked to be the camp photographer for the reunion. I was very nervous about it, but enjoyed the challenge. I think that the candid pictures turned out well, but I wish I could redo most of the individual family pictures.  I mentioned to everyone that I could do family pictures and a few families got them done early.  Unfortunately, I woke up Sunday with a horrible headache, probably from the late nights and altitude. It calmed down a lot after a nap, but it never really went away.  When it was time for group pictures, I could not think of all the neat ideas that I had planned.  Since everyone was leaving after lunch, I did not have time for “redo’s”.  I guess my big lesson is…insist on family pictures early!

If you want to see more reunion pictures, click one of the above links.