Ashley Drake Inn

AD houseWhile Andrea had her soccer tournament, we needed a place to stay.  Most of the team stayed at a hotel about a half hour away from the soccer fields. We were hoping for something closer and MUCH quieter.

Allan did some research and discovered a bed and breakfast about 20 minutes down the road from Andrea’s tournament. The Ashley Drake Inn is near downtown Franklin which we had time to explore a little.

Kim and Craig Smith and their two children run the inn. It was fun being able to talk to Kim and learn more about their beautiful house. She even offered a few suggestions on day trips for future stays.

BreakfastMark eats a lot, but he was not able to finish half of his breakfast the first day!  The food was very good, but was served in large portions. Everyone requested smaller amounts the following morning.

Megan’s favorite room was her bedroom.  She insisted that her personal bedroom was special because it had a toilet, tub and sink in it.  If anyone mentioned it was a huge bathroom, she fussed and said, “No! It’s my bedroom!”

If you are ever driving through central Indiana, and need a place to stay, look up the Ashley Drake Inn.  Be sure to say hi from us if you do stay over!

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