Late Night

SnuggleAudrey readingI often let the kids have one late night while Allan is gone.  They are allowed to stay up as long as they wish quietly reading, but they need to be cheerful the next day and remember that they will need a nap.

The kids surprised me last night by how late everyone stayed up.  Andrea and Audrey snuggled together reading on the top bunk, until Andrea fell asleep around 10:30.  Audrey moved to her bed and curled up with a flashlight to read longer.

Megan started in her bed, not knowing that Adrian was reading under covers. When she discovered the red light shining through, she curled up with him.  He was ready to sleep close to 11:00 and Megan moved in to snuggle with Audrey.

When Audrey fell asleep, Megan crawled back into her bed and sang for a little bit.  She lasted until almost 11:30 before she fell asleep.

Mark started reading on the couch upstairs, but moved down to his bed just before 11:00. I have no idea what time he turned off his lights, because I went to sleep soon after Megan.