Sledding Hill

When the kids were much younger, Allan built our first backyard sledding hill by placing 2×8’s down the patio steps and forming a ramp. Since then, the children try to build one whenever there is enough snow.

We have had wonderful weather for the sledding hill this year.  We piled snow under the porch and the kids continue to add snow as needed.  They have learned how to shape the slope so that the ride is fun.  They learned very quickly that bumping on the bottom can hurt!

They have a contest going, to see who can travel the furthest down the yard.  Megan is the winner, happily screaming her way past the Maple tree.  Audrey is a very close second.

Even though the hill is not very large, it is fun.  All of the kids play on it, or help maintain it, during “recess” until they get cold or have to come in again.

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