SunriseI know that most people are eagerly looking forward to warmer weather, the snow to melt and flowers to start appearing.  I love the winter, and this one has been extra nice.  Though we only got a little snow last night, I decided to move the snow off the driveway and was distracted by the very cold, amazingly gorgeous morning!

I walked up and down the street listening to a few birds singing and watched the sun shining through the clouds. The wind caused snow to dance across the fields.  And it was quiet.

sunrisePsalm 51:7 kept going through my head “wash me and I will be whiter than snow”.  The God who created the world (Gen 1) and formed me (Psalm 139:13-16 ) is willing to forgive all the wrong that I have done and do, and wash the junk away (Psalm 51: 1-12). How awesome is that! It was a great start to my day! Clouds