To the Narrows Access

Canoe Our wonderful trip ended much quicker than we anticipated.  We wanted to spend out last night at Morgan Spring Float camp.  Even though we used our GPS and watched for camp signs, we still missed it completely.

We stopped at an access point we did not expect and was not on our map.  We canoed up and down the river a few times, trying to find our camp, but realized that it was probably up some rapids we had gone through.  We knew that we were heading out of the park and there were no campsites after this last float camp.

FeetWe realized we had two choices, either call and ask to be picked up  or canoe a few more hours to the last access point to be picked up. Everyone was tired and sore.  Most everyone’s feet were bandaged up from the blisters we had. As disappointed as we were, we decided it was best to stop a few miles early.

God was taking care of us. A few hours after we got back, one of the kids got really sick and started vomiting.  The whole night was miserable for sicky and us!

Allan took sicky to a nearby clinic to make sure everything was okay.  We were thinking dehydration (though we knew everyone was drinking) or bugs from the water (even though we filtered it).   Turned out to be “sick” with slight dehydration.

As I told my friend, what is vacation without someone getting sick?

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  1. Those little detours and unexpected hiccups make vacations even more memorable 🙂

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