Grandma and Dash

GrandmaGrandma snuggling My parents and grandma came to visit this afternoon.  While they were here, the neighbor came and yelled, “We have a baby!” Of course, the kids all took off running to see the newest alpaca.

My grandma, who will be 95 on Monday, asked what was going on. Then she said she wanted to see and took off down the driveway too!  She was half way down our LONG drive when we finally caught up with her.  We told her it was a long walk to the neighbors and she rode the rest of the way.

Grandma’s smile was huge as she hugged on the newborn alpaca.  When we asked if she wanted to hold him, she smiled even more.  Even though the alpaca did not snuggle very well, he let Grandma enjoy him for a few minutes before returning to his Momma.

We are very thankful for the newest alpaca.  We have been praying for him a lot.  Mark has been watching for the last month, heading over 4 or 5 times a day to see if he arrived. He was named Dash and weighed 18.6 pounds. He appears to be healthy and is eating very nicely.