CC Club

Bridge On Friday, the kids and I went with my Mom and explored the Conservation Club down the road from my parent’s house. When I was growing up, we were there often, exploring and enjoying the paths.  Once we went with a friend’s older brother, who took us through some unknown territory, but we usually stuck to our favorite paths.Long steps

Friday we discovered that we missed a lot of great spots growing up!  Andrea discovered a neat bridge and then she and Mom found a path that took them near the river.  We were running short on time, so we could not explore that path, or my favorite one growing up.  We plan to visit what we always called the “CC club” again soon.  I know it should be the EC -Elkhart Conservation-Club, but I much prefer our childhood mistaken name.


SoccerFall soccer has started up again.  Audrey chose not to play soccer this year. Maybe one day she will race, but for now, she is happy just to run.

Andrea is playing on a traveling U13 team.  Most of the girls are from her team last year, but she has a new coach and a few new players.  We have watched her new coach and are impressed with what we see.  We also like the improvements Andrea is making.  The best part though is listening to her giggle and watching her smile while she plays.

Box Turtle

Box turtleWhile we were exploring, we discovered an Eastern Box Turtle along the side of a parking lot.  They are endangered in Indiana, and we have not seen one in the wild in years.  We admired this one for awhile before moving it to a safer place near the woods we had been walking in.


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On Sunday I took some time just to sit outside and relax. I listened to the children playing and enjoyed the chilly, but beautiful weather. I laughed as the hummingbirds fought over the sugar water. Then I enjoyed a wonderful dinner that Mark and Allan grilled for us.

I am one spoiled girl!

Spider Webs

As Allan left for work, he told me the foggy morning was beautiful.  I went out trying to get pictures of the fog, but discovered huge spider webs in the field.

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