Lenten Rose

We have started our spring hunt for flowers. This one is from our neighbor’s yard. I learned today that it is also called Hellebores, Lenten Rose or Winter Rose. It comes in different colors; white, rose, purple, and green.

Last week, I was given a plant from a friend. It was not doing well in her yard, and I am hoping it does very well here. Now to find some other color Lenten Roses to add to my garden.


While in Colorado, the kids enjoy being able to explore.  When they were younger, they were not allowed to leave the fenced in area.  Every year, they have more freedom.

This was the first year that Megan was given the okay to ride the bike up and down the drive way by herself.  She could go all the way to the cattle guard without asking for permission.  That is a lot farther than she can roam alone at home!

Sometimes, the kids just disappeared for awhile just to talk and be together.  One day they took off in the search of cactus to bring home.  They also enjoyed being able to visit Aunt Bonnie “just because”.

Audrey took advantage of roaming most often this year.  She would go “visit” the cows or look for pink cactus.  She would just disappear to enjoy being by herself.

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I am very thankful they did not meet any unwanted critters this year!