Mark at site
Mark at transmitter site, almost 3 years old

After watching a map all afternoon to see approximately where Mark was, we knew that he arrived in Jo’burg at 9:18 on Tuesday evening. We knew that he would be exhausted.

Today, around 3:30, Mark called. He said the connection was bad, so he could not e-mail, but he could talk for a little while. He mentioned he was tired, that the flights were long, whenever he started to get hungry they started passing food out again and it was mostly cloudy the whole trip.

They spent the night at a guest house and drove to Swaziland this morning. He would have talked more, but the phone was acting up and Mark was sounding so tired.

Thank you for praying for his safe trip there. If you want to see what he is doing, check out his blog here.

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  1. Exciting opportunity. We will pray for his time in Swaziland. That The Lord expand his borders.

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