When we have time, the children and I go exploring.  Often, we take the cameras and the morning is spent on photography.  Other times, they are out playing with the cameras. I do not set the camera’s settings for them or tell them how to take the pictures.  I let them experiment and find what they like. I am trying to teach them to take most of their pictures without major editing.

We have enjoyed participating in the Elkhart County Parks Photo Contest for the last few years.  As the children take better photos, they are allowed to submit more photos in the youth division. Their photos will be judged as part of the whole group and then judged again in the “16 years and younger” youth category.  This year there is going to be some stiff competition!

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If you want to check out all our entries–the five of us submitted 32 photos- they will be on display at the Concord Mall from January 24 – 30, 2015.

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