Playing with Bubbles

Last year, I shared the “Crystal Bubble” picture that I had made. I liked the snow globe look, so I kept playing.

I am curious.  I am attempting to “capture the cold” with these two pictures. Which one do you prefer, and why?


IMG_8769.Frosted bubble trial
Frosty sledding
Caught Sledding
Caught Sledding

4 thoughts on “Playing with Bubbles”

  1. I think the first one feels colder with all the crystals. But the second one is more stark, however doesn’t have as much background to suggest that the starkness is caused by cold. But there’s something about the crystals in the first one that appears “decorative” rather than old and harsh. Not much help, am I?

  2. The background is more ambiguous in the first picture, but I like the rainbow effect in the second. Overall, for me the first one is the winner. I like the crystals on the bubble too and that it’s flat. Well done!

  3. Dad and I both like the one with the crystals. They are both very nice, but I think the ones with the crystals “captures the cold” the best. Would only be improved if the people could be sharpened so they are more easily seen somehow. Love both of them.

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