Colorado 2015-Traveling There

We rarely take vacations over the summer.  Usually, we wait until it cools some and school starts up again for most children.  This year we started vacation over Labor Day weekend.  Our plan was to go hiking and then help fix up “Grandma’s house” while taking time to visit relatives and do some site seeing.

Near Chesterton, IN we drove through a storm.  It was bad enough that Allan debated pulling over.  The rest of the trip was dry.  After a long day of driving, we stopped at Arrowhead Park in Neola, IA.  We would have enjoyed exploring the trails but we got in late enough that we did not have time.  It was a nice park, though a little loud with holiday campers.

We left early the next day and ate breakfast on the road.  After driving a long time, stopping for ice cream and taking a short rest, we stopped at our favorite rest stop on SR 383 near Norton, KS. We drove a long time and got to Colorado in time to watch a beautiful sunset.

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