Alpaca Shearing School Day

Yesterday, the kids helped shear alpacas.  Each year they learn a new job and they work harder each time.

Megan is learning.  As little as she is, she has more “can’t do-es” than “can do-es”. But this year, she started learning jobs. She swept a little and helped Mark bring her favorite alpaca in.  Then she sat next to Sing and petted her to keep her calm.

IMG_6301_shareMark brought the alpacas in and helped secure them.  When they were finished, he returned them to their pens so they could go outside.

Andrea learned how to move the first cutting of fiber and then how to hold and help flip the alpacas.  She was not sure about the job at first, but she did an excellent job.

Audrey has been helping bag the fiber and cleaning up between cuttings. This year she and the neighbor did it alone.  As Adrian grows older, he is learning more jobs.  This year he swept between alpacas and stayed out of everyone’s way without having to be reminded.

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It was a fun morning of hard work.  The neighbors had other home school boys come  in to help, so the kids enjoyed the chance to talk to other kids.  The boys were highly recommended to me.  They “look you in the eye when they talk to you”. That is a high compliment coming from my kids!

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