Megan and Dino

Megan had a class on amphibians today.  All of the kids were hoping that “Dino” would be there.  They worked on their school work and  helped Mr. Courtney when they could.  At they end, they got to hold Dino.

Megan and DinoI had forgotten that Megan held the salamander with help last year, but this is the very first time she held him without any help at all. Megan said he felt like cold gooey stuff.  She said she did not want to hold him again, even though she enjoyed playing with him a few minutes before returning him.

2 thoughts on “Megan and Dino”

  1. Oooo, I agree. I don’t care to touch salamanders either. Rather just look! You and Aunt Lilly were brave to touch/catch one. We used to get them in our well house sometimes in Colorado. How they would find their way to that cool spot, I don’t know!

  2. Lol nice picture. I share her feelings about holding salamanders. I caught one in the wild for the instructor of henri’s pre-K hiking/ nature class. I did not want to pick it up, but the instructor was far back and I didn’t want to disappoint the kids. *shiver* gooey indeed!

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