kidsIt was our first weekend without a soccer game in months.  The kids asked what our plans were for the weekend.  We said there were a few things that needed done.  Then the kids took off.

Without asking, Mark and Audrey worked outside. They cleaned out overgrown weed beds and cut back some poison ivy.  After double checking what to save, Mark started on the front garden.  Adrian needed some direction, but cleaned out a hosta garden, and he helped clean up cuttings the older kids left.

Andrea asked what was the most important job in the house and cleaned out three drawers that have needed cleaning for months. When Allan got home from the store, she started cleaning off the patio so we could restain it.  She already volunteered to stain it for us.

Allan and Megan went shopping.  Megan helped Allan put together a pressure washer and then they worked on different projects.

A lot of work got done this week with very little input from me.  The lawn was mowed and gardens have improved a lot.  The wading pool was scrubbed out and moved to a new spot. The garage was cleaned on the sly. The house has been done. School work continues daily and the kids have summer jobs.

It is neat just standing back and watching everyone take responsibility for something and then get it done properly.  I am one spoiled Momma.