Final Four

IMG_2018.Line upAndrea played in a “final four” tournament this weekend.  We knew it would be a very tough game, Allan had looked up stats before the tournament.

Part of team
Part of Team

The girls played hard.  Andrea did a few things she rarely has the opportunity to do.  On one play, she ran the whole field, supporting the striker who had no one else keeping up with her.  I am not sure what she did for the other play, but I heard the other moms start chattering about Andrea. They excitedly talked about it for a long time!

State cupUnfortunately, the tournament was a single elimination game and they lost by one point (0-1), due to a penalty shot. Both teams were so close in abilities, if they played again, they would probably win or tie. Since it was single elimination, it was not an accurate portrayal of who was the best of the four teams competing.

However, the girls played a great season and they made it to the finals.  I am proud of them.