Early Morning Adventure

img_1775-sunriseWhile at the welcome center, I noticed that they were offering a sunrise ranger chat.  We were to meet twenty minutes before sunrise and then after enjoying that, a ranger would lead a discussion about the park.

We told the kids we were going for an adventure the next morning and went to bed early.  Everyone had everything they needed in the car.  Next time we plan such an early morning adventure, we will let them sleep in their clothes if they want; especially when we need to wake them at 4:30!

We were a few minutes late getting to the assigned spot.  The Park Loop Road is one way, and it took longer getting around it than we planned. However, we still were there in time to watch the sun peek over the horizon and enjoy a wonderful sunrise.

The ranger did a great job on his talk even though it was on evolution and the earth taking millions of years to form.  He was an interesting speaker. As part of question time, he asked for people to point to something and he would explain how glaciers got to the area.  Adrian pointed at the ranger and he came up with a very good story explaining the history of how everything worked (over many many years) so that he could one day work at the park.

After a beautiful sunrise, we observed the fog starting to come in.  If it had come earlier, we would have missed the sun coming up.  According to the ranger, it was the best one he had seen all summer!