Sand Beach

img_2018-walkingWe continued walking down to Sand Beach.  The entire walk was only about a mile, but there was a lot to see and we took our time.  I noticed the leaves were starting to change colors and collected a few of the prettier ones.

Sand beach is one of the few sandy beaches in Maine.  According to the ranger, in the winter, the sand is washed away, and there is a huge gap between the last step to the beach.  Come spring, the ocean brings the sand in again.

We learned that the water rarely gets above 55 degrees F. so it is chilly year round.  However, it is a lot of fun to play in! The kids squealed and laughed as the cold waves crashed around their legs.  The waves started rises higher and no one had clothes to change into, except Megan who wore her shorts under her pants.  We did not want cold, wet children, so we reluctantly decided to leave after playing awhile.

As we walked back, the heavy fog started to lift.  As the fog lifted, many people started arriving and the mostly empty beach started to fill up for the day.

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