Five Medals

img_4338-daniel-boone_shareOn Saturday, we enjoyed going to the Gathering at Five Medals, a reenactment of life in the northern Indiana area prior to statehood. This is the first time we have gone for years because of other commitments.  It was a great year to go, the weather was beautiful, there were many reenactors and a lot of new things to see.

Everyone enjoyed different things.  Megan loved seeing what we are starting to learn in history. Adrian liked the cannons-but not the noise- and the skirmish.  Mark was fascinated with the different guns and the blacksmith shop. Audrey enjoyed watching the mock skirmish, especially actors who were not sure if they were “still” dead or not.  Andrea enjoyed watching everything!

While the whole day was great, my favorite part (and Allan’s) was done by Steven Caudill, a descendant of Daniel Boone who shared about Boone’s life.  He did a great job telling his story and sharing the gospel along with it.  I would enjoy being able to listen to him again.