coming-homeMark turned eighteen today! It is hard to believe the 5.1 pound baby we brought home is now at least 6″1′. He came home in a carry cot that Auntie Sao gave us that we had pushed under the driver’s seat because he was much to little for the carseat we had for him. Now Mark is cramped in smaller cars.

Mark is a wonderful son, showing Allan and me respect and love by his attitude and actions.  Mark laughs easily. He is hardworking and patient.  He works diligently at his school assignments. He loves his siblings and shows it to them in many ways. Many of our neighbors call him when they need help. It is wonderful watching how God is working in him and seeing the man that Mark has become.

Happy Birthday “Handsome Boy”.  I love you very much!18

2 thoughts on “Eighteen!”

  1. WOW!!! Happy Birthday Mark!!
    We have warm memories of your affection and care for your siblings while back in Indiana. I am glad that you have grown in this area.
    Sons born in your youth Joyce….. shall speak with the enemy in the gate.

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