Kite Weather

The weather is perfect for kite flying!  The neighbors let us borrow their yard and shared a few of their kites.  They enjoyed watching part of the fun.

We flew kites for around a half hour before the string of one of the kites broke and the kite took off across the street and got tangled in a tree in our yard. A second kite blew over the neighbor’s house and attempted to find a tree to get snagged in.   We pulled in the other kites, Audrey and Mrs. Beer rescued one kite, and the shark kite is now residing in our tree, much to high to retrieve.


2 thoughts on “Kite Weather”

  1. Thank you! The shark and dragon belong to the neighbors. The huge flower one is the one you brought over and you can guess who owns the butterfly kite 🙂

  2. Wow, you have some beautiful kites. Opa went to a kite contest here on Bonaire. One of the men who works at the site had a huge kite. It didn’t fly well because the wind quit. I think he wrote about it in the blog.

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