Another Goalie

For Thursday’s game, Adrian’s coach asked him to be goalie. Adrian wanted to try, but was a little scared. He was never taught how to be goalie and was not sure how to stop the ball if it came toward him.

He was goalie for the whole second half.  Once he figured out to stay by the goal, he watched the ball and tried to follow it the best he could. The other team never scored a point during the second half! He was so thankful that his team played so well, the ball rarely came near him.

I am so proud of Adrian.  He was willing to try something scary to help his team. He plays hard and tries his best, but he has not ever played “real” soccer. Upward was fun, but they had a short field, did not have goals and some rules were modified.  Each week we see him improve in something as he practices and learns new skills with his new group.