Megan’s Soccer Games

Megan is playing soccer at at new place this year.  She is very excited about her team and what she is learning.

I like soccer.  I think it is fun. All my team mates like to make goals. They are friendly and I have very much fun playing with them.

My first game was good. The other team won, but we had lots of fun. I was being the goalie. I had one (ball) not get in and the other get in.  I tried to make some goals. It is hard to make goals!

My big sisters are my coaches. They make us work hard but still have fun.

Megan’s games are with GYSO at Goshen College. The first half is warm up and practice and the 30 minute game starts on the hour.  Depending on the coaches, they may start a little early. She always plays on field 1 which is by the entrance to the soccer fields. Her schedule for the remaining games is:

  • 1 May at 6:30
  • 8 May at 6:30
  • 15 May at 5:30
  • 22 May at 5:30
  • 31 May at 5:30
  • 5 June at 6:30