Color Run

Three years ago, Allan, Mark, Audrey and Megan did a 5K Color Run. For assorted reasons, we have not done one since.  This year, Allan said that work would sponsor us if we wanted to run it again.  So, this morning the whole family joined in the run.  It is not a race, the goal is just to finish the course.  But my kids wanted to race it.

The organizers split everyone up into groups.  The older kids were in the first group, the runners.  They do not know their times, but Mark came in sixth. Audrey was the first girl and one of the first ten across the finish line.  Andrea came in a little slower, but was the twelveth or thirteenth in. She was one of the first five girls in.

Allan ran with Adrian in the second group.  Adrian enjoys running and probably ran the first mile before needing a break.  Allan said they ran most of it with short breaks.

Megan and I “ran” in the last group. Megan easily ran half of it and would have ran more if I could have kept up with her!  I have never enjoyed running, but she kept encouraging me, “come on Momma, you can do it!”  She also insisted I run through all the color stations.  I maybe jogged a fourth of it.

It was fun and we enjoyed doing something completely different than normal this morning!

One thought on “Color Run”

  1. Fantastic! What a fun family thing. Love Megan’s encouraging.
    Congratulations to Allan, Audrey, Mark, Adrian and Andrea.

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