Don’t Let Pink Number 7 Get the Ball!

Megan has been enjoying soccer a lot this year.  Not only is Audrey a fun coach who teaches the girls a lot, Megan has a lot of friendly girls on her team that she is becoming friends with.

Monday was an especially fun game for her.  She made the very first goal…then the second and the third.  She tried hard to assist some of the other girls to make goals.  We started saying, “don’t let pink number 7 get the ball!”  Megan would give us a dirty look before enjoying the game again. A few balls come straight at Megan and it would have been silly not to try to make a goal, which she did successfully.

By the end of the game, Megan had made at least 5 goals and three other girls made at least one goal each.  A few of the girls made some great almost goals.

This could turn into a very dangerous team!

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