Colorado Still Life

After church on Sunday, Andrea went with Aunt Bonnie to pick up some needs for us.  They returned with two cartons of multi colored eggs among the other groceries. The different colors, shapes and textures of the eggs were so much prettier than boring white, store bought eggs!

After I took my picture, Oma asked for one with Grandma’s antique tablecloth.  Audrey decided one of the eggs needed personality.  I like how all the pictures turned out and can not pick a favorite.

Which is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Colorado Still Life”

  1. Wow
    We have one of those eggbeaters… Joshua loves it!
    My favourite egg…Mr Smiley face.

  2. The bread board in the pictures came from an old kitchen cabinet that had cupboards for dishes and a bin for flour (maybe sugar too, but I just remember the flour bin). Cupboards underneath as well as on top. The breadboard had a special slot to slide into and could be pulled out a little way to make a little extra countertop space of needed or all the way out and used. They often didn’t have much countertop back then. That was what the kitchen table was for.My mother, Fannie Reble, always used that board to knead bread, roll out pie crusts and egg noodles. It was also used to roll out cookies and for a cooling board. It had lots of uses!! Anyway, when my parents got new cabinets for the kitchen (my dad built the cabinets), my dad made a special slot to slide that breadboard into and there it stays. The beaters were used to make cakes, etc. We didn’t have an electric mixer. That was often my job. I was put in a chair in a corner somewhere and told to beat the cake batter for x amount of minutes or eggs until they were light. There was ALWAYS a tablecloth on the table for special occasions. I remember that cloth from very young. Always perfectly ironed. Lots of memories! Great photos!

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