Camping in Everglades

We have enjoyed many nights camping with the family. We all enjoy back country back packing, carrying everything we need in backpacks and walking or canoeing to each camp site.

This trip, we went “car camping” instead. Everything we needed for our trip fit into our van. We did run to Walmart the first day to get some gas and some fresh vegetables. However, we kept things very simple. Oatmeal for breakfast, gorp and granola bars for lunch and simple meals for dinner.

The sites we stayed at in “Lone Pine Key” were very nice. Since our family is “large” we needed to have two sites. The boys slept across the street from us, so we had a lot of space. The view outside our windows was always relaxing.

It was also amazingly quiet most of the time! During the day children would be on bikes or scooters, or you would see people walking. But, unlike many campgrounds, there was very little noise or music.

Once the sun went down, the mosquitoes came out, so it was a great time to head inside to get ready for a busy tomorrow!