Traveling with Kids

Yes, it is possible to travel with assorted sizes of “children”!

In case you are wondering what all fits in the van, we have:

  • two tents
  • seven sleeping bags
  • seven pillows
  • clothes for 9 days x 7 people (in four suitcases)
  • Water bottles for all plus extra water for refilling
  • Towels and other daily needs
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for most meals
  • Four camp chairs
  • Cook stove and Coleman lantern
  • Footlocker full of reusable plates, cups, silverware, clothes line, clothes pegs, fuel for stove and lantern, bug spray, sun screen….
  • Snacks and treats while traveling
  • One cooler with cheese, lunch meats, pops and fresh fruits and veggies
  • Two cameras and one tripod
  • Books and activities for everyone to enjoy
  • One read out loud book we have been waiting to read

Once we have all that packed, we squeeze in two parents, three full grown (I hope) “children”, one growing-to-quickly adolescent, and an 8 year old.

It is a tight fit, but we always end up with some great memories from our drives.

2 thoughts on “Traveling with Kids”

  1. Creating wonderful memories!!! They will sit around and laugh and remember when they are “old”.

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