Photo Challenge- “Childhood”

I enjoy looking for new ideas for photography. A year or so ago I discovered a photographer who mostly does self portraits, but they are done in unique and fun ways. She is starting a photo challenge and her first one is “Childhood”.

Yesterday, while taking Thor for a walk, the young lady who posed for me, fell hard, skinning up her knees and legs. Thankfully, she was just bruised up a little. But it made me remember all the band aids she would have asked for if she was still four. Or five. Or ten…

Once upon a time I knew a little girl who loved brightly colored band aids (the more the better) and Curious George. She believed in “sympathy band aids” for siblings not hurt, but especially for herself. She also almost always wore a band aid. Curious George was very often with her.

That little girl has grown up some. Curious George is still a friend (but saved to share with younger friends) and band aids are still used, though rarely as often or as brightly colored.

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