Morel Mushrooms

We were able to find some morels this last week. We found enough to try them this year.

I enjoyed them, but I like mushrooms. Mushrooms are not very popular with my family, but every one tried them. Mark and Katie came for a very short visit, and they were able to try for the first time also. I would not purposely pay for more, but if I found them, I would enjoy.

I am just learning about morels. My niece and sister taught me what to look for. If you find some and want to try them, remember:

  • Be sure you know positively they are morels (learn with someone who knows).
  • They have a “deeply pitted” or “honeycomb like” cap.
  • Hollow centers.
  • The cap and the stem connecting as one at the base.
  • The stalk is typically quite thick and smooth.
  • Before cooking, clean them well.
  • Always cook morels before eating.