Jumping Rope

The kids have really started to like jump roping. They keep going outside to jump rope together. It is fun watching them improve.

Adrian wanted to learn.  Here is his story.

We started jump roping. Almost everyday we go outside to jump rope. I started to learn this week. Yesterday I kept on going over the rope. I jumped a long long time. I need more practice.

I am doing very good today.  I jumped through Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.  Fuzzy Wuzzy…then I jumped on the rope.

I am going to learn how to run and jump into the rope soon maybe. It is hard. I like jump roping.



I mentioned to Allan a fun picture I saw.  I told him that I would love to find a nice frame to try it and a few other ideas that I had.

Before coming home from work, he teased me about a “surprise” for me.  He needed to come home and drop it off. He remembered that I was looking for a frame!  He found a really nice simple black one that works perfectly for my needs!


Nap time

This is Megan taking her nap.  In case you can’t hear it, she is snoring for me.

I told Megan that she needed to stay quiet on the couch so she did not wake Momma up  from her nap.  She obeyed and stayed very quiet for me today.

Today’s Smile–Robin Fledgling

This morning the kids were helping Daddy outside.  They came running in the house yelling “we just watched the baby bird fly for the first time!”

Of course, I had to go outside and see it too.  We watched the baby hop down the driveway until his Momma came and moved him to the safety of the grass.  After awhile, the fledgling followed his Momma to a nearby tree.  He was unable to land as gracefully as his role model and slid down the branch.  Just before getting to the end of the branch, he remembered that he could fly and flew to another branch.

Megan’s Sailor Dress

We pulled down the summer clothes the other day. It is a big job that I usually do not like.  This time though, it was sort of fun. We found a bunch of clothes that Andrea and Audrey wore! Now the challenge is to narrow it down!

Even at 18 months, Audrey and Andrea had very different personalities, and their clothes reflected it. Megan is a good “mix” of the two and will look good in either of their clothes.

We also found a few things from the boys :)  And yes, she will wear some of my favorites!