Hollow Tree

We just finished reading the book  Bears of Blue River for school.  It is a classic book about Indiana  history.  We are not sure how much is true, but it was an enjoyable book.

The last chapter tells how three boys spent a week in the woods in a hollow tree.  When we found this one on our walk today, we just had to play some in it.


Megan loves being outside.  She often opens the screen door and just sits on the steps or goes to play under the patio.

I was experimenting with subtle ideas, and I liked this “oil painting” of Megan.  If you click on the picture, the effect is much better.


Best Sandwich

Today I had the best tomato grilled cheese sourdough sandwich! It was the best that I have had in a long time. Adrian wants you to guess who made it for me. Hint: It is his first time ever cooking lunch for the family. He did a wonderful job and only burnt himself once. He almost burnt himself twice, but he was more careful the second time. He said he is ok and the burn does not hurt.

Here is his recipe. It is a secret recipe, so please do not share!

  • Slice sourdough wheat bread. Momma needs to do that cause you might get hurt.
  • Put butter on top of each bread.
  • Put cheese in the middle. We used Coby Jack. I sliced some of that.
  • If you really want to, put sliced tomatoes before the cheese.
  • Put on a grill or something hot that you can cook on.
  • Wait for awhile. If it’s brown then flip it over.
  • Cook the second time until brown.
  • Let it cool. Then eat it!

Sorry that there is no picture of my wonderful lunch, it tasted too good to wait for a picture.


Easter Dresses

Oma brought over some patterns and three different fabrics about a month ago.  The girls quickly grabbed their favorites and we made their Easter dresses with material that fits their personalities exactly.  Andrea has dainty pink butterflies.  Audrey’s dress has fun loving frogs.  And Megan’s dress is cute and bright. We also made each of them a matching purse and matching dresses for their dolls.

Thank you Oma for such pretty dresses!