Playing with Butterflies

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Audrey has been letting a few butterflies go every couple of days. She waits until she has five or more and then she releases them all together.  Since she has been finding so many caterpillars, most butterflies only stay in the house one night.  Usually, when we release butterflies, they fly away quickly. So learning to take pictures of them as they fly away has been a fun challenge.

Major and Minor

BUtterflyAudrey released three Monarchs and two Painted Lady butterflies yesterday.  While we were in the field, I found a huge caterpillar.  Audrey voiced my thought that it would be neat to get a picture of the butterfly flying above the caterpillar.

It was fun trying to get the picture we were attempting.  I was on my back so I could focus up.  Audrey would place the butterfly and then move her hand away. The butterfly would fly away and then stop for a snack.  Audrey would bring it back so we could try again.

I ended up deleting a bunch of pictures. Audrey and I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. The most important was that Monarchs fly a lot faster than you think!


MeganMegan says that Mommy camp was a lot of fun. One day we picked daisies and Queen Anne’s Lace for a science experiment.  We put the flowers in water and watched them change color.  She hopes we can do more experiments even though the big kids are home again.

Adrian and Mommy Camp

AdrianThis week was Mommy Camp. The younger children and I plan a week full of fun when the older children go to camp. We do things that they like to do the best; like painting, doing chalk art, learning new recipes, and playing at the park.

We did not do everything we planned this week. But the kids and I had a lot of fun.

Last night, we went to the park for a picnic and to play for awhile. We attempted to fly a kite, but we were doing something wrong. Adrian talked about how Charlie Brown rarely keeps a kite flying. I guess he knew how Charlie Brown felt. We played by the water and watched bees around wild flowers.

It was a great week of camp!