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Audrey is eleven years old!

Audrey is growing into a beautiful young lady.  She loves to raise butterflies.  She has two Painted Lady caterpillars that she is raising, and she hopes to find Monarchs soon.  She tries hard at school and soccer. She smiles a lot and loves to make others smile too.

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!  I love you very much.


Naomi Shalom

Naomi bw

Michelle asked if I would take some pregnancy/family pictures of the family.  She was hoping to get some family pictures and some special ones because Jonah was turning one and Phil was having a birthday also.

We headed over to the park and we were able to get some really sweet family pictures. Jonah loved the bubbles and was introduced to the slide.  He had a great time playing with everyone too.

When their little one was born, we went to meet her.  We spent some time getting to know Naomi and playing with Jonah. I was able to update their family pictures and get a few new born pictures of Naomi also.

Today, Naomi is one month old.  Happy one month birthday Naomi!


TigerAndrea asked if I could come to work with them again today.  She said that Megan had learned how to climb into the loft and Adrian wanted to show me the hay castle.

They finished their chores and then they enjoyed having a barn to play in.  While I watched and listened to their play, I practicing taking pictures of the barn cats.

This is my favorite of them all.  Paul had noticed the camera strap dangling and was deciding if he wanted to attack it.  He decided a bath sounded better.


SleddingWe received our first good snow this weekend. It was not very deep, but was very pretty.

Since the middle two had a science class at the park, we went early to play on the sledding hills. The kids had fun, but said the snow was packed down and not as much fun as fresher snow. Megan went down a few times, but was not too interested.

After class, the kids begged to play some more.  For some reason, sledding was better and no one wanted to go home. Even Megan enjoyed sledding this time.


Princess Megan

Princess Megan
Princess Megan 2013

We put Megan’s hair up in “princess braids”–two braids pinned to the top of her head– for the first time on Saturday.  Andrea was excited because it used to be her very favorite hair style.

Megan liked the style and kept talking about being a princess. It looked as sweet on her as it did when Andrea wore it.

Andrea fall 2005
Princess Andrea 2005