AndreaI have been giving myself new challenges to learn to take better pictures.  Allan found a tutorial on using reflectors and I realized that I had made a silly mistake.  I did not realize you could use a reflector on dreary, dull days!  Yesterday, Andrea and I went out into the rain and experimented.

Now to figure out how to “bribe” the other kids so I can practice some more 🙂  I was informed that small jelly beans would work. The only problem is…. where do I find jelly beans after Easter?


AndreaIt was extremely windy yesterday afternoon and I mentioned to Andrea that I just wanted to play with my camera but I did not have any ideas.  She replied “okay” before running to change. We spent the next hour outside just experimenting with ideas.

She had fun being a model and getting new pictures, and I enjoyed the chance to practice.  Her white dress caused problems and hair blowing in her eyes made focusing difficult, but it was good training for when I need to get the picture right the first time. It was also fun trying something different.  The best part was talking and giggling with my daughter who is growing up so fast!

Megan and the Alpacas

IMG_9165.Sept 2013Megan was not sure what she thought of the alpacas two years ago. But now, she enjoys helping with them.  She feeds them with help and is learning to walk them.

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This is what Megan says about the alpacas:

I like them.  Sing likes to kiss me when I am walking her.  She likes me and she walks nicely with me. She does not like her harness because it is too big and she is just little.  She does not like walking in water.

After I walk her, I give her a treat sometimes.  Sometimes it is alpaca food. Sometimes I just snuggle with her.  Sometimes she kisses me when we are done.

When I was little little, I was afraid of alpacas, even the babies! I really don’t mind them now, they don’t scare me anymore. My favorite is all of them!