Happy Groundhog Day


I have heard many rumors that you can not trust Punxsutawney Phil (PA), General Beauregard Lee (GA), Staten Island Chuck (NY), T-boy –a nutria at the Audobon Zoo– (LA) or Shubenacadie Sam (Nova Scotia, Canada) who all predicted that we are in for an early spring this year.

So, we decided to try the lesser known Fabulous Five.  They voted (3-2) with Buckeye Chuck (OH) who predicted more winter.


firstbornWhen all the kids were little, we taught them Luke 2:1-21 in December. Every night before bed, we would read the true Christmas story.

Megan struggled with it last year. While she still can not say every single word, she learned most of it this year.

While watching her play with her baby recently, I heard her saying, “And she gave birth to her first born son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7 ESV)

Adorable Brown Snowman

MarkflippingCold The snow was very light and fluffy this morning when we went sledding.  As the kids flew down the hills, a bunch of snow would fly over them and the kids would be covered in white.

After one trip down, Mark completely lost control. He was fine, even giggling over the ride.  But after, he stood still a few seconds, giving me a chance to take one of my favorite pictures of the day.

Mark posted another favorite here.

Morning of Laughter

It snowed last night and we decided to go to the park to go sledding for a little while.  We knew it was very cold so we dressed warm and planned to stay for a short while. Judging by the laughter and all the different ways the kids went down the hills, I think it was the best morning of sledding we have had in a long time.

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Snow Day

kidsThere was just enough snow to go sledding today! We spent the morning sledding and roaming the park. Then we spent the afternoon working on school work. What a great first day back to school!

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