Hide and Seek

Hide and seekAudrey came upstairs to ask if we had seen Megan.  We realized that we had not for quite a while.

Following her downstairs, Audrey showed us Megan hiding in the closet. We “called” for her and “tried to find her”, but she refused to move or make any noise.

I am not sure how long she stayed hiding in the closet, but it was probably 20 minutes before she finally came out.

Snow Day

Yesterday was our first snow day of the season.  The kids made a sledding hill and snowmen. Andrea walked across the street with me and then got attacked with snowballs by the neighbors. Mark enjoyed helping with snowmen that kept “running away”. It was a great start to winter!

Five Years Old

FiveMegan turned five years old!

She is not officially in kindergarten, but Megan is learning to read and has some workbook pages that she loves to do. She listens while the other kids do their lessons and she always wants to help with science experiments.

Megan loves to give hugs to her friends.  Pastor Randy says that she has the hugging ministry! I know that she has encouraged many people with her wonderful hugs.

Happy Birthday Megan!  I love you very much.