Photo Contest

We enjoyed putting some pictures in the Elkhart County Parks 38th Annual Photo Contest.  On Saturday we went to the Historical Museum to see how we did.

My favorite picture of all those the children submitted, Mark’s “Working Hands”, won second place!  Audrey photographed some crowned slug caterpillars and earned a third place ribbon in the youth division. Even though the other children did not win ribbons this year, their photography has improved a lot since!

The children were excited to see their pictures up and already looking forward to the new pictures they will take this year.


This last weekend we drove down to see Mark and enjoy Cedarville’s Homecoming.

All the freshmen engineers had a cardboard boat project.  They were to design a boat and build it using provided cardboard and tape.  Their grade would be determined, in part, if they made it across the lake or not.

Mark’s team worked hard. Their boat was not the fastest, but it made it across the lake with very little damage.

A few teams ended up taking a cool swim to the finish line.

Mark was disappointed that his team did not place high enough to be in the water fight after the race.  However, he was excited when his professor saw his boat, liked the design, and asked if he could put it on display in the engineering building for the next year.

Mark had homework, but joined us as often as he could over the weekend.  We enjoyed a few concerts, watched a movie outside, went to a parade –collected lots of candy– and just spent time together.

It was great to see Mark and meet some of his friends.  He enjoys school and the opportunities to learn a lot!

Easter Bunny

We have never done anything with the Easter Bunny.  We have read a few books and watched cartoons about  bunnies who decorated eggs and share treats, but that is all.

Today we ran to Martins to get a few needs and a super tall skinny bunny comes over to give us all hugs.  He did not say anything (sort of surprising) but we very quickly realized the bunny was a (very talkative) friend of ours. We decided it would be a good time for the first ever Easter bunny picture.

I went to do some shopping and the kids “talked” and giggled with our rabbit friend for a few minutes while they waited for the picture to print.  Megan was excited to get a goody bag full of treats, enough to share with everyone!